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Alice Lane Home Collection | Jessica Bennett | Photo by Matthew Mead

Located in the foothills of Farmington, Utah, lies a quiet residential lane, Alice Lane. Here is where we begin our story. In 2005, Jessica Bennett, her husband, and their two young daughters, chose Alice Lane as the perfect location to build their dream home.

Jessica started her creative journey at Utah State University. Her studies there led to her work in an ad agency as an art director, but building her home brought back her earliest passion: interior design. Jessica realized that if she could produce a brand for corporations, then she could certainly design the interiors that housed them. Jessica’s design work led to a globally expanding tech firm sending her on a worldwide tour to design their international offices and along the way her projects snowballed as she began accepting more offers to share her talent.

Jessica’s success led her to the idea that she needed a design laboratory where rooms would not just be imagined, but could come to life. This would be a place to experiment with stylish and top quality furniture, create timeless settings, and to inspire others. Jessica’s search for the perfect location for her showroom landed her in the heart of Orem, Utah, just 1 hour south of her Alice Lane dream home. Without turning back, she moved south to build a new dream. In 2008, Jessica opened the doors to Alice Lane Home Collection, our first retail store.

In its infancy, Alice Lane consisted of just three employees, two of which were Jessica and her husband. A small corner of the showroom floor was dedicated to full time design work and only a handful of small design projects were under way at any given time. Today, just 6 whirlwind-years later, Alice Lane employs a large team, a third of which are full time interior designers. 2011 brought with it a new space for our designers to spread out their creative process, and each is currently working on dozens of projects across the country. Since the birth of Alice Lane, hundreds of design projects have been completed; these projects have grown from small residential settings to large estates and commercial buildings. The exponential growth of Alice Lane recently inspired us to further expand our design laboratory. In March 2014, we opened our Alice Lane flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Its collected mix of quality pieces and timeless design has led Alice Lane to be an award winning interior design firm and showroom, and a favorite among all who have experienced it.