Apr 14
3 Tips For Buying Quality Upholstery

Buying new furniture is an exciting thing for a lot of us! However, there are so many beautiful options out there that along with all the excitement it can become overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start shopping so that you can filter through your options more quickly and shop with confidence.


Construction:   Most likely you won’t have the luxury of seeing the raw frame of the sofa or chair you’re interested in, so ask about it’s construction. Upholstered furniture that is built with kiln dried hardwood, doweled, screwed and glued frames will increase the longevity of the piece, keeping it from getting creaky over time and reduce any potential failure. Quality construction will ensure your piece will last for years to come.

Comfort: Many people don’t realize that a lot of manufactures offer different cushion options (down, poly, or a blend fill). When choosing a cushion think about what makes you most comfortable while using the sofa or chair. For example: Is the sofa going to be used for lounging while watching a movie? If so, consider choosing a down fill. Remember that different cushions require different maintenance too. A down fill, for example, will need to be fluffed each time you’re done using it. I prefer a blend seat myself, but choose what makes you most comfortable.

Fabric: Here’s where it can get really complicated! Every manufacturer has dozens of fabric options and it can get crazy. My advice is to go into the store with a design plan in mind. Know what you want and don’t let the prolific options distract you: keep your eye on the prize! It really comes down to color, content, and texture. Once you know your color scheme, find a fabric that is made of the right materials for your needs. Fabrics with a high content of synthetic fibers will be inherently more stain resistant and durable. If you have little kids this trait won’t go unappreciated…trust me. Lastly, look for a fabric with some texture to it. It really doesn’t have anything to do with quality per se, but textured fabric helps to hid wrinkles and makes the everyday wear less visible.


My last tip…don’t compromise! You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, or visa versa. With these 3 tips in hand, you have everything you need to find the perfect upholstered piece for your home. And of course, there’s no better time to shop than right now when you can get 20% off all upholstery during our Very Best Sale. Happy furniture hunting!

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Sandy Rivers

I really love your tip on not compromising because I constantly do this when I purchase anything I want. Getting the right upholstery is really important and I don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style, or even style for comfort! I’ll definitely remember these tips when i go shopping soon!

Ivy Baker

Comfort that does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you want to have a nice chair. It does seem like a good idea to make sure you enjoy sitting in it. That does seem like the most important thing to look at when you want to get a upholstered chair.

John Mahoney

It really helped when you talked about choosing furniture that is made from fabric that suits your needs. We are planning on moving to a bigger house and will need to get new furniture for our growing family. It is important to remember that taking the time to do a little research can help you find out which materials are resistance to the type of substances in your home and how you can keep them clean.

Dave Anderson

My wife and I have been wanting to get our furniture re-upholstered for quite some time now but we have not picked out the fabric that we want to be used yet. Like you mentioned, I am going to make sure that color, content, and texture are the things that I take into consideration when picking out the fabric for the furniture that we are going to reupholster. That way we will be able to make a much faster and more thought out decision.

Marcus Coons

I agree with you in that it is important to remember to inquire about the construction of a piece of upholstery ou want to buy. It is interesting to think that doing this can help you know how stable the furniture is and how long it can last. My wife wants to have our old sofa replaced if it can’t be repaired so I wanted to look into it in order to get something good to replace it.

Marcus Coons

Thank you so much for mentioning how you should consider how you will be using your furniture before buying it so you can get the right comfort for your needs. It makes sense to think that doing this can help you choose a sofa that will be comfortable enough or your family or be durable enough to be outside your home. I would want to make sure I take the time to measure my space and compare several upholstery pieces to make sure I avoid stressing out about the right size.

Kenneth Gladman

Your advice on going into the store with a plan in mind is a good one. I have a tendency to get distracted by many options and then have trouble making a decision. I need some new furniture for my home office. I will be sure and get an idea of what I want and need first.

Taylor Bishop

I just wanted to thank you for these different tips for buying upholstery. I’m glad that you mentioned that it could be beneficial to go to the store with a design plan in mind, and focus on the color and the texture. Not only that, but I think that doing prior research could possibly be beneficial in case you need to discuss what you want with some of the workers.


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