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Private Residence: Formal Living Room & Entry

Private Residence: Formal Living Room & Entry

We have worked with this local family before on their front porch, and now it was time to bring things inside. For years they used their front room as an office before finally deciding to turn it in to a formal living room.

We started by lightening the room up with a silver-leafed cork wallpaper applied above their decorative paneling, along with a light fixture that was more to scale with the room size.

The room was very small and we wanted to maximize the seating, so we positioned a full sofa under their tall, shuttered windows as an anchor to the room; we then used a sofette along the other wall and placed a sculptural chair in the corner to not only create a great conversation area, but also provide additional seating as needed. We grounded the space with a fantastic rug that brought both color and movement to the room, and above the sofette we hung a series of blue screen printed ferns in silver leafed frames that play well against the cork wallpaper.

In addition to the living room, we wanted to make the entry a functional zone for the family as well.

We selected a new light fixture and a large woven rug to fill the space as you walk in, and placed a 78” long console and  large starburst mirror along the wall next to the front door. It was very important to keep the scale of the pieces appropriate with the size of the space so that nothing felt dwarfed or undone. Along the stairs we placed a bench with a large print hung above, bringing some of the color from the living room into the entry. At the end of the entry we repurposed a smaller console, tuckedd it into her niche, and filled it with a splash of green Pellegrino bottles. We topped off the space by placing some faux aspen branches atop the console. I love to use flowers or greenery in a space- they can really  bring life into a room!

We will be finishing up the install of the formal living room at the end of the year, but here is a sneak peak. Stay tuned for images of the final install.

– Natalie


  • October 26, 2012


    Where is the chandelier from? I love it!

  • October 27, 2012



  • October 28, 2012

    That cork wallcovering is a definite WOW~! Fabulous choice! Are you using AutoCAD for your floorplanning? Need new software and I’m trying to decide what to use.

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