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Private Residence – Family Room

Private Residence – Family Room

We have had a lot of fun helping out-of-state clients; while nothing compares to being able to see a client’s home in person,  it’s amazing what we can do with just a few measurements, a slew of photos, and some Pinterest-stalking!

We recently worked with a couple from Colorado. They had just given their walls a fresh coat of grey paint that really made their white moldings just pop.  We were inspired by their vision and hit the ground running, starting with their family room. Our goal was to make a comfortable, inviting space for their family to gather and spend time together.

We kept the beautiful rug they had in the room, and moved their more formal sofa and chairs into the piano room.


The space has many walkways and entrances into the room, so we re-oriented their furniture and introduced both a chaise and a pair of chairs alongside a new sofa. This gave the space a great conversation area, as well as created a relaxing environment to watch TV and enjoy having company over.

We wanted the space to feel gathered and eclectic. We started by anchoring the room with a large steamer trunk for a coffee table. In front of the trunk we placed two tufted ottomans; these little guys are great to pull up to a sofa or chair and put your feet up on, or to use as additional seating in the space. One of the complaints the couple had was that their current sofa looked great but was just wasn’t comfortable. We specified a new sofa from one of our collections that brought a great look to the room but was very family friendly and something they could all sink into.

We kept with neutral tones in the main furniture pieces and introduced different textures and patterns to the palette to create interest and depth. We left our bright punches of color for the pillows and the ottomans. As a finishing touch, we treated the bay window with floor to ceiling linen drapery panels, softening the corner and accentuating the height of the windows.

As an added bonus, our clients happened to be in town when we were ready to present to them- they were able to touch and feel the fabrics we selected for them, as well as sit in some of the pieces were we wanted to put in their space.  We were so excited to show them the cozy space we designed for them and can’t wait for everything to arrive so this relaxing, fun space can be enjoyed by the whole family!


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