Apr 03
A Place for Chatting

I want you to stop for a moment and think about someone who gets you! Completely understands your history, your quirks and all the good with all the bad…..

a place for chatting | alice lane home collection

Now that you have that person in your head, create an ideal space where you and your emotional guardian could sit for hours and chat to the moon and back!

Is it in your living room? Perhaps your kitchen (and close to the pantry?) Is it a cozy corner in your bedroom? Wherever it is and whomever you’re with, the ideal places for chatting all have one thing in common. They are all comfortable, (while facilitating uninterrupted eye contact!)

a place for chatting | alice lane home collection

I hope wherever you imagined was in the comfort of your own home because that’s where my best chats happen. I feel safe in my home and when I feel safe, I feel real, vulnerable and honestly, a little silly. All key components of a good chat!

If you didn’t imagine your own home, I need you to carve out a corner and allow me to assist in making it a space where you can have memorable moments with your dearest friends!

a place for chatting | alice lane home collection

a place for chatting | alice lane home collection

FIND YOUR COZY CORNER(S)! If you live in a large home with large spaces, you’ll need to get creative with your seating arrangements.  Most people don’t want to enter a space and feel lost so it’s our job to break it up and create intimate, comfortable moments for people to sit and chat. If you live in a small space, your corners are easier to find (as there are fewer of them.) I tend to gravitate to corners with natural light. It brings out the pensive in me when alone but the chatty in me when I’m looking for a good therapy session!

a place for chatting | alice lane home collection

FILL YOUR CORNERS WITH THE MOST COMFORTABLE FURNITURE! I’m a daybed kind of girl and whenever I think of the ideal setting for a good chat, a daybed always seems to pop up! (Perhaps it’s the therapy session in me.) Across from the daybed is a comfy chair with an ottoman to kick your feet up onto and enough hard surfaces for everyone to set their drink of choice, (and a plate of cookies.) Above are a few of the most “chattable” chairs, sofas and yes….daybeds I could dream of. And now is the perfect time to choose your favorite and get it on SALE!

a place for chatting | alice lane home collection


  • Great lamp(s) to illuminate the beautiful faces of your guests
  • Fabulous down filled pillows to sink into and/or hold. (I’m always more comfortable in a space if I have a pillow to cuddle)
  • Good art always equals a good conversation.
  • Something green and living!  People feel at ease when they know there is an oxygen tank in the room!
  • YOU!  The best thing you can add to a chatting corner is a host/friend/sister/brother/wife/husband/mother/father that is willing to listen to the one lying on the daybed.

Happy chatting my dear friends!

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