Who is Alice Lane?

Alice Lane is not a who. Alice Lane is a quiet little street in the foothills of Farmington, Utah. It's where our founder, Jessica Bennett, her husband, and their two daughters decided to build their dream home.

Jessica started her career as an art director at a local ad agency. Her true passion, however, was interior design. As she dabbled in interior design, she began making a name for herself. Eventually, Jessica's success led to the need for a design studio where she could bring her designs to life.

Her search for the perfect space led Jessica to open Alice Lane Home Collection in 2008.

In the past seven years, the original staff of three has grown exponentially. To the original store in Orem, we've added a new design studio and a flagship showroom in downtown Salt Lake City. We've completed hundreds of design projects, and we're anxious to get started on yours.

Welcome to Alice Lane!