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Our story begins in the foothills of Farmington, Utah, on a quiet residential street called Alice Lane. It was here that in 2005 Jessica Bennett, her husband and their two young daughters chose the perfect location to build their dream home.

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Meet Jessica Bennett

Jessica’s creative journey began at Utah State University, where her studies led her to work as an art director at an ad agency. But building her new home on Alice Lane brought to the forefront her lifelong passion for interior design. Jessica knew that if she could create a brand for corporations, she could certainly design the interiors that housed them. Her early design work for a globally expanding tech firm sent her on a worldwide tour, leaving her design fingerprint on international office spaces. From there, her talent and opportunities flourished, and she began accepting more offers to apply her unique touch, which continues to enrich both the spaces and the lifestyles of each client she works with.


In its infancy, Alice Lane consisted of just three employees, two of which were Jessica and her husband, Adam. With a handful of small design projects, they dedicated a small corner of the showroom floor to full-time design work. Today, Alice Lane employs a large team, a third of which are full-time interior designers, each currently working on dozens of projects that span nationwide and range in size from small residential spaces to large estates and commercial buildings.


The rapid growth of Alice Lane facilitated the need for further expansion, and in March 2014, we opened our flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City. This new showroom exemplifies the overall high-class feel of Alice Lane’s value of beauty, while still providing each client and customer with a sense of at-home comfort. Through a medley of timeless design, unmatched creativity and the ability to foster lasting client relationships, Alice Lane has become an award-winning firm, offering both full-service interior design as well as in-home consultations.

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