Jul 08
Alice Lane

Many people have inquired about the location of the store, “What used to be here?” and “How did you get your name?” So I thought I’d take you all for a little trip down memory lane to where it all began…

Adam and I lived on this little enchanted street called Alice Lane in Farmington, Utah for about 7 years. We built, what we thought was our dream home, surrounded by all the best neighbors and memories my heart could hold.

When I set out to build the dream of opening a furniture store/design firm, I couldn’t leave our home and friends that we had fallen in love with. So, I brought it with me and named the store after the greatest address that could ever be: “Alice Lane”.

And can you believe I left it all for this? This building gave me the warm fuzzies when we first pulled up to it in the Fall of 2007! It sits on what I’ve been told is one of the busiest intersections in the state of Utah. Who can argue with location when it comes to real estate? My husband was not so sure that we should invest our savings into this dive…. so I doodled my way through the process, until we signed the lease!

You’ll love these before and after shots!

photo by Alyssa Dodini Vincent

photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat

photo by Reed Rowe




That is amazing! What a transformation, I can’t believe it. I wish all strip malls could be converted into something beautiful like that. It does take a good eye to do that, and heart and a lot of work, wow! Congrats!


Wow! That is quite the transformation. Thanks for taking the chance on that old building.


I am a new reader, and love your style! You have what i would call my dream job with interiors! Your own store, all the amazing textiles and colors…my list could go on! I would love to be on an email list if you have one! Congrats on the amazing transformation!


What a great talent you have- the store transformation is amazing! Wondering what color you used on the front doors– love it! Also was wondering what are some of your go to colors for interior wall paint color? Love some of the subtle wall colors in your store!
Thanks for sharing! Your blog is addicting:)


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