Jun 12
Inspo of the Week: Art + Color

Art is inspiring in so many ways—from strolling through a museum to scrolling through Instagram you can pull inspiration from different artists and make it your own. This week one of our designers is using colors found in various art work to use as inspo for her current projects. Painters like De Kooning, Monet, VanGogh…

May 10
Pin of the Week: Bold Contrast

When you use just the right amounts of contrast, the effect can be breathtaking! Take this room for example: the bright chartreuse vases give the perfect amount of dramatic contrast against the purples and it’s all grounded by a neutral carpet (which tones down the drama) and textured wall space (which adds a dose of depth).

Apr 25
Finding the Right Paint Color

Every once in a while, we feel the need to change up the colors in our home. Painting is one of the most fun ways to add something new to an existing space! But then the questions come: How do I choose the right color? What is the best way to test them out? How…

Apr 25
Pin of the Week: Natural Details

In spring the world is exploding with color, so why not bring some of the pretty things you see outside into your home? Add excitement to any space with happy flowers or some vibrant fruits! And, as the seasons change, so can your decorations. It’s a simple and natural way to keep your house feeling…

Apr 21
The Breakdown of Fabrics

We love incorporating different types of fabrics into our designs, so today we met with Lauren from our design team to learn a little bit about our favorite fabrics! Lauren reminded us that it is so important to consider durability and clean-ability before deciding on a fabric for your space. These are major factors on…

Apr 18
Pin of the Week: Springtime Greenery

This spring we are so excited to use Greenery—the Pantone Color of the Year—as some of our inspiration! We loved bringing the color in naturally with some pretty plants to brighten up the kitchen. How yummy does this counter space look with a touch of green? We’re obsessed!