Mar 27
It's official! Spring is in the air!

Our fresh cut pussy willows just arrived – and things are feeling greener, fresher, brighter, lighter already! We feel it from all who enter our doors! They’re ready for a fresh change! Some have gone for new linens on their beds, others have started with a fresh coat of white paint to their kitchen cabinets….

Mar 20

It’s that time again! We have another $100 gift certificate to our store to give away! Thanks to everyone for participating in our giveaways and supporting our blog! We love to read all of your beautiful and inspirational comments. Enter to win by following these rules: – Follow this blog and leave us a comment….

Mar 17
Dressing the Mantle

Big and tall, or tall and lean… These are the rules of accessorizing a mantle. Too many little things will get knick knacky. To avoid a cluttered mantel, you’re going to want to make a few bold gestures. Large vases allow you to dress the mantle seasonally with live branches, holiday boughs, pussy willows, etc….

Mar 16
The Gallery Wall

One of our must-haves for any household. It is the story of who lives here. It’s something to study while you are passing down the halls, standing in an entry, or waiting in a home office. The artifacts, photographs, certificates, fine art or prints of the inhabitants speak volumes! It’s proof of a life well…

Mar 13
How It's Done

We’ve had many inquiries about our design services available at Alice Lane. We wanted to share with you what a presentation would include. We were hired by a couple out of the Long Beach, California area. Among many spaces, we put together a bedroom for their adult, 20-something daughter. She’s a stylish girl with loads…

Mar 11
Making an Entrance

What does your entry say about your home? Is it welcoming? Is it charming? Does it make you want to peek in the sidelights just to get a glimpse of what’s to come? Hopefully it leaves you wanting more. At Alice Lane we love to create inviting porches and entryways. Here are a few necessary ingredients…

Mar 08
We're Obsessed – Zippy Patterns

Ahhhh! The energy a zippy pattern will add to a room… It just ignites a space. It’s contagious. If something is missing from your room… Consider adding pattern! If you’re traditional, a stripe, herringbone, or houndstooth may satisfy you. I love a good graphic motif with plenty of repeat. It’s organized, but packs a punch….

Mar 06

Thanks for all of your support and all of the beautiful comments that you’ve left us! To show our appreciation we want to do another giveaway. Since it was such a success for our first giveaway, we thought we would do another $100 gift certificate to our store. For those of you out of state…

Mar 03
We're Obsessed with Texture

Textures are imperative to our work. They are the story tellers. An entire room can be pulled together in a simple color palate, with the right depth of character. Each piece must have something unique about it. The textures must talk to each other. There are plenty of inexpensive answers in furnishing a home. I’m…

Mar 01
BLUE is What's in Store

Blue… We’re seeing it everywhere! And I’m not just talking the tranquil sun-drenched washed out blue-grays. We’re talking straight up Indigo! It’s on the cover of this month’s issue of Elle Decor and in the pages of the House Beautiful March 2010, ‘All About Blue Issue’… We plastered our primary wall in the store with…