Jan 27
American Express Photo Shoot

When Adam and I were in the beginning stages of pursuing our dream to open a furniture/design shop, I saw a commercial for the American Express Plum Card (for small businesses). I said, “I want one!” It was one of those ‘believe in the dream’ moments when you realize you can cross over from the little idea in your head to the real deal. So… Adam applied for the card, and surprised me with it when it came!

We’ve been using our card for almost 3 years now, and were delighted to get a phone call from the people at American Express to see if they could interview us for a possible campaign they are doing for the Amex Plum Card! Of course we said yes!

We went through rounds of phone interviews with their ad agency, only to find out about 2 months ago that we were chosen!

So yesterday, they came to do the shoot! They brought their crew of 10+ people. A most interesting experience… one that I will never forget.

Our photographer was Christopher Sturman. He had a great sense of humor and a “soothing voice” as Christy would say. He is a very talented photographer and showed us a few of his other projects that he had done. Here’s a sample of what he’s done:

Aren’t these amazing? And we were able to have him photograph us!!!

Laurie Trott is a stylist from New York. She made sure that we had just the right clothing on and that it sat just right in every shot.

Laurie Vukich was our make-up and hair for the day. She did a fabulous job making sure that our hair was perfect and our make-up was touched up.

On the right is Diane Keh. She was the project manager for this shoot and was really great to work with.

Thanks to everyone for being so much fun and so easy to work with!

We can’t wait to see what the outcome will be in the moths to come… We’ll keep you posted! Hope you’ve enjoyed these few shots of all of the action. We sure had fun with the wardrobe and setting changes. What are your favorite settings or outfits from the day?

– Jessica




I love that bright flowered dress Jessica is wearing towards the bottom! You’re rockin’ it!


JES!!!You look amazing!! We are so proud of you and Adam-we love, love, love you both! Congrats!xxoo


Jessica, this is so exciting! You look gorgeous like always, I love the outfit with the red sweater over the floral dress. Stunning and so colorful.

His work is amazing, I can’t wait to see the finished shots! Congrats!

Su Swogger

You are some of the most warm and wonderful people I am having the privilege of working with. You deserve every bit of this!! Congratulations!! And thank you for the magic you are bringing into my home–transforming it into a piece of heaven for my family!! Can’t wait to hear more about this honor for you all!!!

Laura Brady

I am so excited right now! Everybody looks amazing, and so does the store. Can’t wait to see the photos from American Express.


How cool is that? Had a chance to look at Christopher Sturman’s work and WOW he’s amazing! A must see. Thanks for sharing and best of luck. Congrats!!!


My favorite is the photo with all of the pillows behind you capped by the huge boat. I think it just captures the whole moment with you and all the crew. Plus you look amazing. Great job!


Love it!!!! You look BEAUTIFUL in EVERY SHOT!!! Can hardly wait to see the finished product. You rock!


oops…I left my comment under todays post. Congrats to you, how awesome you guys were picked! Looks like you had a great time. All of the shots look fantastic! I was curious if thats a stencil behind your counter, a large blue damask? If so, do you have the resource where it was purchased? Thanks so much.


Shelle – That is actually a wallpaper that we offer here at the store. It comes as a square and they can match it to any Benjamin Moore paint!


Congratulations! But it doesn’t surprise me a bit that you guys were chosen. What a perfect example you are of the american dream. ;)


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