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  • July 30, 2010


    Ok so today I checked in on NieNie and thought “Oh I love what they did with the basement! I need to check these girls out.” Then I went to the blog and thought “Holy freaking cow! This is the very girl that lived down the street from Jana and John Bilton (my aunt and uncle in-laws)” So I thought back to the day that Jana said “Oh you HAVE to see her house, it’s so great.” I remember the day so well because I’ve thought about the black and white tiles in the bathroom that you did yourself and the large black and white images of your girls (my fav was the kind of pouty face). I was so inspired by your home that day and you never even knew and now you do. I have thought of it many many times since.
    Whew. So THEN I looked at the other designers and remembered that “Holy freak! Suzanne lived upstairs in my building at USU with my best friend Brittany Duke and I thought she had the COOOOOLEST apartment ever!” The decor was killer and they were always changing it and it was just magical.
    In the end I want to say this: Jessica+Suzanne=awesome. I mean really, I’ve seen it first hand and how could it be anything but?
    I’m all over this blog, a follower foreva!

  • August 2, 2010


    Hi. I’d love to subscribe to your RSS feed of your blog, but when I click on the RSS button, I get re-directed to, which is just an empty page.

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