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At Home with Suzanne

At Home with Suzanne

“A house is an idea, a house is a thing, a house is you, a tangible embodiment of your dreams and desires and interests. Your house has its own personality and continuity and unity. Its parts come together as your home.”

– Mariette Himes Gomez

I love this quote and concur with Ms. Gomez as I truly believe a house isn’t a home until it starts speaking to you! It’s in the walls, the books, the images, even the fragrance! It’s in the emotional response that one gets when walking into a space that says, “This is so you!”

As my husband and I embarked on a small remodel of our attic apartment, I had to really sit down and ask myself what dreams, desires and interests I wanted to reflect in my own space! We do this all day everyday and I was temporarily stumped until I started looking through photos I’ve taken over the summer. It was then that I stumbled across the below image I took at Cascade Springs… This was it! The colors, the textures, subject matter and all – This was me and Tom!!! We are total nature nerds and are constantly inspired by its raw visual symphonies! Before I show you all the before, during and after photos, here are a few teasers!

– Suzanne


  • August 24, 2011


    I am so excited to see your after photos! Jakob told me you were doing stuff to your home, but I had no idea it was going to be a transformation. I’m so excited!

  • August 25, 2011


    I love you Suzanne! You may not know this, but you are designing my farmhouse someday…

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