May 18
Before & After: Private Residence

This week we wanted to share some of the current projects we are working on. Everybody loves before and afters!

This is a home that we are working on in Highland, Utah for a single woman. We tried to give reference to her Asian culture in a few different ways. The 2-door Asian chest centers the room and provides a great base to hang her Grandfather’s calligraphy practice sheets over top. We drew color inspiration from the branches and leaves in the trees as a jumping off point and anchored the room with a Thomas O’Brien’s Corsaro Rug in Ocean Blue.

The linen sofa has a subtle gray striping and is loaded with velvet, leather and silk pillows by Oly Studio. The coffee table and O’Hara stick-and-ball chair are both from Annie Selke’s collection through Vanguard. More calligraphy practice sheets finish off the room with custom draperies that have a net like graphic woven into the body of the fabric. The Tobias chair by Oly fills the corner with an unexpected white frame and tobacco leather. You may have noticed the dog pillow and dog sculpture on the floor near the chest. Our client is a dog lover and rescued two dogs of her own from a local shelter.

This room, though small is loaded with luxuries and levels interest! It is personal, sophisticated, and gives a nod to the past. All the frames are lined with history whether it be old photographs of her parents and grandparents or her grandfathers work with a brush and inks.

She loves her new living room and we do too! We are looking forward to finishing up the other rooms in the house and sharing those too!





Megan Daly

Your right! before and after’s are the best. So cute.

Love the mismatched chairs and that couch and rug are stunning together. Very well done. :)
Megan D


What a wonderful transformation! The colors are stunning-well done Alice Lane team!


Love it. Please do show more “before” and “afters”. They’re my favorite. Nice job by the way.

melissa saxon

I just love “before” and afters”. Please continue to share your beautiful work. Thank You!!!

Janell Beals

I believe my favorite part of this room is the rug over carpet. I often suggest this to clients and sometimes get the strangest looks. This example works so well, is it because the taupes in the rug are similar to the color of the carpet? It makes the rug blend into the carpet almost as if it were part of the carpet.


looking for your follow button, maybe I am just spacey, but I want to follow! please help

Shannon Davis

I love the new pillows. I have heard so many good things about alice lane and would love to get my hands on one of these!!

John Taylor

Nice touch with the coffee table. It’s like it’s there yet it hardly distracs from the finer detail surrounding it, especially the 2-door Asian chest which really centers the room. Stunning colors.
John Taylor,
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