Apr 21
Cara Loren on Alice Lane: The Design

Designing a closet for Cara Loren is like getting to design a magic lasso for Wonder Woman! “Of course!” was our answer when we got the call. It’s not just a closet…it will also serve as her office and set design for her tutorials and fashionable selfies. If you follow her fashion blog, you know the drill.  I immediately began researching her look so we could create the perfect environment to suit her vibe. Together with Alice Lane designer, Stacie Graves, we worked on every last detail for both form and function. Getting Cara’s input was the best part. She had ideas that we incorporated to make this super closet function for her. Cara is as lovely to work with as she is to look at.  It’s been a great collaboration. We can hardly wait till it’s all installed and she can fill it with all of her beautiful clothes, shoes, coats, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, fashion books, and objects of inspiration!

Cara Loren Closet Design by Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet Design by Alice Lane

Lucky for us, we had a blank slate to work with. An adjacent room to her bedroom was reconfigured as a huge walk-in closet that could be accessed from inside her room. That’s right…a whole room! Let’s just all take a second and sigh – sigh. With all this space we were able to design a large modern island that will be centered in the room. Floor to ceiling built-ins will line the walls and house all of her clothes, shoes, and accessories in a beautiful display.

Cara Loren - Plan View

We pictured a desk sitting in front of her large windows, with fashionable roman shades and a large pendant mirror mounted between them. I imagine Cara sitting her in the morning putting on her makeup or writing on her blog, don’t you?

Cara Loren - Elevation

Just as we’d hoped for, Cara loved the design! During the presentation she was able to select and approve all finishes and even see some of the accessories that we’ll be using to style her closet. Needless to say, we’re all a little excited around here!

Cara Loren Closet Design by Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet Design by Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet Design by Alice Lane Cara Loren Closet Design by Alice Lane

Cara’s closet recently received a fresh coat of paint and the carpet has been installed. Stay tuned for more updates and progress of the closet. You can also visit Cara’s blog (caraloren.com) to see her take on the design process. We can’t wait to show you how this super closet turns out!

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