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If you know anything about me, you know I love a fabulous party, a great pair of heels, Tupperware (yes, Tupperware), and a classy bar cart!  Actually, I think it would be safe to say I am a little OBSESSED with bar carts!  (Like, I could probably go to an AA group for extreme bar cart lovers.)  Some may ask, “What would I do with a bar cart?”  Well, let me share with you the loveliness of a fabulous bar cart and how it will change your life for the better (yes, it is this good!).

cheers! | alice lane home collection

First, bar carts can serve several functions.  They don’t have to be used to just serve alcohol.  If you are having family and friends over for dinner, load your bar cart with appetizers, stacks of beautiful small plates, fancy napkins and fun toothpicks.  You can also pull this same party trick and use your bar cart as a rolling dessert buffet.  As you roll your way into the party with a delicious array of delicacies, your guests will surely be impressed!

cheers | alice lane home collection

We have even placed a beautiful bar cart in a Master Bath filled with plush towels, pretty soaps, bath salts and a yummy candle.  Nothing says luxury like a bar cart in a Master Bath!  Go ahead and give yourself permission – live life luxuriously – you deserve it dah-ling!

cheers! | alice lane home collection


cheers! | alice lane home collection

If you decide to use your bar cart for a drink buffet – indulge and display your prettiest bottles and containers for beverages, lemons, limes and fancy garnishes.  Don’t forget to supply your guests with a decorative straw for classy sipping.  However, most importantly, include a beautiful flower arrangement on your bar cart.  Fresh flowers make everything better.  So, go ahead, find any excuse you can to celebrate!  A great bar cart can make a party happen in any room.  Cheers!

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