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Fall Bookshelf Layering

Dear readers,

Let’s take a home hiatus for just a moment to talk about fall/winter fashion, shall we? Because dressing your home for the cold months ahead is a lot like dressing yourself for the cold months ahead.   (Here’s the part where I attempt to be a fashion blogger.  You’ve been warned.)

When we think autumn and winter, we think in layers, texture, and rich deep colors.  For further instruction let’s turn to my favorite master of the cold weather arts: Ralph Lauren.  I’m certain you’ll agree that no one does it better.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

I mean, look at this photo.  Is it stunning or what?  Everything is wool, tweed, leather, fur, herringbone, hounds tooth, animal print, fair isle, plaid, and is that a dog or an afghan?  Each outfit is timeless with several layers of warmth and luxury, which is no different from how our homes should be dressed during this time of year.  Hiatus over.

In recent posts we’ve talked about autumn-izing our kitchens, entries, and adding coziness using textiles.  Now let’s discuss how we can use these same layering techniques on our bookshelves.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

USE GRASS CLOTH – Adding grass cloth to the backs of your bookshelves creates a rich warmth and texture that gives your eye something to read to.  Never had an opportunity to meet grass cloth in person?  Come introduce yourself to the grass cloth wall in our store.  You might just want to take him home.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

DEEPEN THE MOOD – Dark bookshelves are undeniably chic, and what’s beyond amazing is to paint out the walls and trim in the same drama enhancing shade.  I recommend this only if your home doesn’t already have too much drama, i.e. teenagers, and/or Diana Ross.For an even bolder effect, have the bookshelves painted with a lacquered finish.  I just drooled a little bit.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

If you find yourself on the fence about committing to such a dramatic space, try painting only the backs of your bookshelves a deep color.  We get it.  Oreos are delicious for a reason.  And how great are those arches along the top?  Oh, mama.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

LAYER BOOKS BOTH VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY – That’s it.  Just do it. Notice how Francisco Costa brings interest to his bookshelves by layering books both vertically and horizontally, avoiding what could have been a rather boring wall of books.  Side note: See the killer sconces flanking the shelves?  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Oh, and he likes owls.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

LAYER IN THINGS YOU LOVE – Something we always advise our clients to do in their home is to use pieces that are meaningful to them.  Don’t ever settle on something just because it’s what everyone else is doing at the moment.  You will find more joy and satisfaction in your home if every space is filled with real pieces that represent you.  Use bookshelves to display a souvenir from your honeymoon, your first thrown pottery, your child’s artwork, extracted wisdom teeth, etc.  How you layer your bookshelves is a representation of who you are; allow them to do some of the talking for you.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

BRING IN THE OUTDOORS – Now is a great time to bring in some chopped wood to add both texture and function through the cold weather.  Can someone please take me here and forget about me? Golly, this room.

…or you might just ditch the books altogether for firewood and get a Kindle.

Enjoy your bookshelves that look like a Ralph Lauren editorial!  I’m gonna go spread the word that I’m a sucker for dark bookcases and trim.

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