Apr 25
Finding the Right Paint Color

Every once in a while, we feel the need to change up the colors in our home. Painting is one of the most fun ways to add something new to an existing space!

But then the questions come: How do I choose the right color? What is the best way to test them out? How do I make sure my paint color doesn’t pull the wrong accent colors?

Well, today we met with Kim—one of our amazing designers—to get some answers. Here’s what she said:

1. When you are looking at paint colors in a store, always remember to take them home before choosing! Paint colors can look different based on lighting and accessories, so it’s a good idea to take home two or three.

Kim even suggested that rather than getting a gradient sample from the store with small squares of color, you can order a large paint swatch (about 8 1/2″ x 11″) of a single color to hang on your walls. It will be big enough to give you a real idea of what the paint will look like in your space.

2. If you decide to sample colors by taking paint home and putting it directly onto your wall, always prime—even just for a sample! Remember to let it dry fully, then add your color on top. Giving the primer and the color time to dry can completely change how a color looks (and your opinion of it)!

3. To avoid pulling the wrong colors in your room, Kim says it’s important to have a good understanding of both warm and cool colors. Warm colors are generally made with yellows, oranges and reds; cool colors are generally made with greens, blues and purples. (We admit that this can get tricky, so if you have any questions or would like help, please get in contact with our awesome design center!)

Make sure you choose a color that matches with the warmth or coolness of what is already in your space.

4. Kim also reminded us that if you use paint as an accent to your room, use it across the entire space. Don’t be afraid of going bold. Just make sure to use accessories that will match the feel you are going for!

Painting walls may seem like a lot of work, but by putting in the time to make sure you have the right colors, it can completely transform your home without having to buy all new furniture and accessories!

And again, if you’ve got questions or want help finding the right paint color, we would love to help you!


Diego Lopes

Those are valid things to point out, and even though I haven’t really decided what’s the feel I’m going for, I’m feeling more confident to make my choice now, so thank you.

Rachel Lannister

THank you for the terrific article. In it you mentioned that when choosing paints you should always do multiple layers, to ensure you get the full color you desire. My mother has been asking me about painting as she wants to do some in her own home. I’ll advise she get extra paint, so that she can do extra layers and ensure the new paint has a full and rich color to it.


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