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Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

Need a great last minute gift? Give a little desk, dresser or end table accessory and you won’t be wrong! You could even use the little leather piggy bank for a niece or nephew. The great zebra tray would be a great addition to your sister-in-laws entry table to drop her keys in. The wings would sit perfectly on your mom’s mantle and the glamorous votives would sit perfectly atop your best friends mirrored side table.

1. Paperweights: $12
2. Crystal Votives – Set of 3: $86
3. Sticky Notepad and Holder: $35
4. Wings: $173
5. Leather Piggy Bank – Small: $49
6. Zebra Tray: $39


  • December 20, 2010


    Those crystals are beautiful!

  • December 21, 2010

    oh, how i wish i alice lane was just a little bit closer to SLC! i love all of these gift ideas. they are just perfect. i want a pair of those wings for ME.

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