Sep 16
Happy Birthday Alice Lane!

It’s true what they say… Time flies when you’re having fun! I can’t believe we’re celebrating 2 years in business… In someways, I can’t believe it’s not 5 years, or 10 years that we’ve had our doors open. It feels like we’ve always been here.

Big thanks to all of you for your support. We wouldn’t have a business without you. And special thanks to my talented, hard working staff.

If you have time, stop in and celebrate with us today, or this weekend. The table is set with all of our favorite treats for your enjoyment – Dramatic discounts have been taken off (50% or more) select items everywhere in the store – upwards of 100 items! And to make sure you get anything your heart desires on SALE – We put the the whole store (in-stock items) at 10% off.

Look for these tags for special pricing!

Here are just a few of the dramatically discounted items:

Cream Leather & Linen Sofa
Regular Price: $2,113
Sale Price: $1,295

Andover Chairs – 2 in stock
Regular Price: $885 each
Sale Price: $585 each

Carrier Circle Coffee Table
Regular Price: $805
Sale Price: $395

Giselle Chairs – 2 in stock
Regular Price: $1,178 each
Sale Price: $699 each

So get down here! First come – first served!

See you soon!







Congrats!! I love, love, love your blog, your style, your work–everything!! I am originally from Utah, and as soon as my husband’s done with his residency, we are definitely stopping in to do some shopping!


I’m definitely going to stop by this weekend! I wouldn’t miss the birthday celebration of my favorite design boutique!

Happy Birthday!


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