Aug 31
Heaven on Earth!

Look what just showed up last week… this lovely king size bed we have been waiting for since April… and boy, was it worth the wait! I had the choice to re-select fabric that wasn’t out of stock… but I was patient and said “Nope, I’ll wait. I can wait for perfection!”

And so we did…

This is the Cleo Bed by Michael Weiss. We’ve had it in the store just once before a charcoal gray. So we thought we’d bring it in this time in a lighter hue. Fabric changes everything… it has a whole different mood in this heathered oatmeal tone. We chose a French gray for the rails and feet. (You’ll have to stop by and check her out! Our photos don’t quite show that off.)

The icing on the cake: Our newest line of bedding, Ankasa. Textural delight – the Bonne Terre duvet, Highline Pic Stitch Silk Coverlet, three Upper East Euros, metallic stamped linen pillow, and appliqued linen flowers and berries on linen pillow stand as proud as a peacock.

This bed is DEEEEvine! Come on in and pick it up today! It’s yours for the taking – four months of waiting to see it all come together and you could have it all installed by tomorrow! Sure you could!


I have a new favorite bed, my old one simply will no longer do. Wow, absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to come in and see for myself.


Love, love, love. Is it wrong to covet? Maybe not covet but obsess? It has all of my favorite things combined, tufting, nailheads, breezy color mood. I love it all. I’m simply smitten.


I LOVE this bed. Does it come in Cal King as well?
Somehow my bed at home no longer good enough.


I love the Cleo bed! Perfect *IS* worth waiting for! I also love the rug underneath the bed…can you tell me who makes it? Thanks for your amazing blog.


The fabric is distributed from the manufacturer of the bed but can be purchased separately. Call us if you would like to purchase or have any additional questions!


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