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High Point Market 2012 – Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'Brien and Suzanne Kasler

High Point Market 2012 – Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'Brien and Suzanne Kasler

Alexa Hampton’s space was so sophisticated, full of luxe, rich colors and textures.

Loved the mix of peacock and that lemon yellow.

And we had the pleasure of meeting Alexa herself! She was so pleasant and down to earth despite her amazing talents.

Thomas O’Brien is always a favorite. His close attention to detail in his furniture design down to the small accessories is amazing. Loved the scale of this mirror and how he layered it with the cabinet.

Anyone recognize this secretary? It was Carrie’s desk in the second Sex and the City movie. It was backordered for quite some time when the movie came out. Isn’t it lovely? And check out that styling!

Suzanne Kasler’s space is always so fresh and fabulous. I loved this console floating in the middle of the room. The scale of the accessories on the console and the ottoman were perfect!

Pretty in pink. Isn’t this the sweetest room you’ve seen? It featured Suzanne’s fabrics and furniture.


  • September 24, 2015

    Have fun! You know I’ve done Market many, many times but always as a splpuier. In recent years, we splpuiers have been squeezed out of many showrooms, so it started not to be so much fun anymore (why go when you can’t see anything). I’ve gotten jaded (I hate to say). It will be so nice following you and seeing what you have to say and what you see. Market seen through fresh eyes and not my cynical ones :o) Oh and don’t forget to stop at Biscuitville – you can thank me later! Have fun and safe travels!

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