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How-to: Accessorize your sofa and chairs

How-to: Accessorize your sofa and chairs

When it comes to adding personality to your sofa, we find it’s best to start with a simple and neutral fabric or leather for the base. This allows your pillows do the talking.

_MG_7643Mix up the textures and sizes – The length and depth of your sofa will determine the number of pillows. With a long and deep sofa, 3 pillows is prime. You don’t want to overcrowd the sofa. If the sofa is smaller, stick with 2. Use different textures. Here, we’ve used a velvet, a linen, and a sequined pillow to add a little pizzaz. We started with the largest pillow and worked from there. We recommend using down fillers rather than polyester inserts. They stay looking great for a long time and even more importantly, they are are more comfortable!

_MG_7656Use a lumbar pillow in lounge chairs – Doing so will add a bit of back support and fit just right in the chair. If the chair has a taller back and is deeper, go ahead and use a 20″ square.

_MG_7602A chair doesn’t always need a pillow – Some chairs, like this beauty, doesn’t need any accessorizing. That tufting goes all the way down the seat of the chair and is interesting enough to stand on it’s own. There’s no need to cover up all of that beautiful detail. 

_MG_7628Add a throw to the back of a chair or sofa – With the transition into fall, adding a throw will make a setting feel cozier and is also very functional. Fold it up neatly and drape it over the back or throw it over the arm of the sofa for a more casual, laid back approach.



  • September 11, 2013

    such great tips! do you have any standard pillow sizes you like? i’d love to know!

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