Apr 18
How-To: Coffee Table Makeover

Personally, I hate clutter in a room.  It overwhelms me and makes me feel as though I need to start a little spring cleaning!  When I finally come home from a long day of designing, I just want to put my feet up, sip my diet coke and relax!  So, I needed a simple and stylish solution to my dilemma.  My answer –  a coffee table tray!  (This is one of the best kept designer secrets!)  The coffee table tray is such an easy, simple and stylish way to organize your clutter.  Load your favorite tray with books from your travels, candles, coasters, fresh flowers and even your remote controls.  You can also pull this stylish designer trick on your bedside table,  bathroom counter and even your bar cart.  Happy spring styling!

– Christy

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i agree! I love to see all my favorite things, but i especially love to see them all contained together! great tip!

Becky @ Project Domestication

I love this tip and love using a coffee table tray. I always question my choice in size and shape though. Any tips for what goes best with what?

My coffee table is a true square. And many objects in my living room have such straight lines, but when I use a circle tray it just feels odd.


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