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How-To: Collections

How-To: Collections

Collections – We’ve all got them and sometimes feel as though we should be on an episode of “Hoarders”. Fear not my dear, there so many ways to put these collections to use. We always say that you’re decor should speak to you, it should be a reflection of who you are. These little collections are how we will tell the story.

RULE #1: Group like objects together. Repetition is important. Collections should be kept together, on a shelf, on a wall, on a coffee table.

RULE #2: There should be some sort of balance within each collection. In the first photo with the antler plaques, they are balanced out by the lamp, creating a very asymmetrical and interesting design. But in the above photo the antlers are very organized and carefully placed.

I love fashion and interior design magazines. Domino was one of my favorites and I have a whole archive of them… but for awhile they sat on a closet shelf. They are so colorful and interesting that stacks and stacks of them make a great coffee table display.

Souvenirs from vacations should be displayed. These items make the home feel well-traveled and intelligent. A collection of masks can be hung on an office wall. Or little sculptures and treasures can be displayed on shelves, mixed in with artwork.

This collection is definitely one of the favorites that I’ve seen. Kate Spade has these little gold boxes displayed on her coffee table.

What kind of collections do you have? And how do you display them?

[photos from Rue, Lonny, and The Selby]


  • August 30, 2011


    In love with the antler plaques! Thanks for the tips.

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