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How to: Dress Your Mantle – Holiday Style

How to: Dress Your Mantle – Holiday Style

Decorating the mantle for the holidays is so important – This is a place of magic and wonderment. The fireplace is everything! It is important to just layer things on. The result will be a full and festive display.
Begin with a simple garland – it could have pinecones or just be the garland. We have quite a few different options here at Alice Lane! Wire it to the mantle to keep it in place.

Next – add picks and branches into the garland to make it more full. For this garland we added a lighter green than the garland with berries. You can wire those in or just bend the branches around the garland.

Next – group your ornaments in clusters throughout the garland. You can wire these to keep them in place as well. Add ornaments to each side or keep it simple and just wire your clusters down the sides as well.

For a finishing touch, use rope or stocking hangers to hang the stockings by the chimney with care.

Add some height to your mantle with some taller trees with a few miniature ornaments hanging from those. You can add some birds or deer to place on the mantle as well.

You can also attach ornaments form the garland for the hanging affect if you have another place for your stockings.

See how we’ve added the jingle bell picks here? It just gives more depth and adds more sparkle.

Stop by Alice Lane and one of our experts can help you gather items to create your own layered mantle!


  • November 29, 2011

    I love these two looks, the second one would be my favorite if I HAD to choose, but I am getting SO inspired looking at these gorgeous mantles!

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