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How-to: Fall-ize your kitchen

How-to: Fall-ize your kitchen

There are so many ways to spruce up your kitchen for the summer, potted herbs, fresh flowers, a sunny bowlful of lemons. When fall rolls around, you might think, “How do I set the tone in the kitchen for fall?” Here’s a few of our favorite suggestions:

Kitchen+Open+shelving+above+black+countertops+uzcbWIlh4ZllReplace those lemons or limes with apples or something else that is in season. This still adds a pop of color but will be more natural for fall.

Kitchen+open+kitchen+X+base+table+patterned+OTFwXEssXnblWhite pumpkins for the month of October are a fun addition to add a little Halloween spirit while staying true to your style.

Kitchen+Floral+wallpaper+kitchen+white+cabinets+bhsyqeAZg-tlUse a lamp on a buffet or if you have extra space on your counter. It will create a cozier mood for those cooler fall nights.

Kitchen+built+china+cabinet+glass+doors+white+LAeNwzyn1l1lIf you don’t have the space for a lamp, lighting candles in the evening is another great way to create that warm and cozy light.

a334716c733adadff42fd116c31301d1We love this kitchen with the pizza is wood fired oven. Just imagine sitting in the kitchen on a crisp fall night with good food and friends.

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