Aug 01
How-To: Make Your Summer Bed


Start with your fitted and flat sheet. If your sheets have a pattern turn them pattern down, so that when they are folded back, the pattern is showing. Our favorite sheets are our Libeco linen sheets. They are breathable and light in the summer but keep the heat in the colder months. Really, the perfect sheets!

Because the summers in Utah are so warm, we use a quilt or coverlet as your overall top layer and fold the duvet at the bottom of the bed. Place the pillows used for sleeping at the headboard. Then layer the Euros in front of them – three for a king and two for a queen.

For the final touches – add decorative pillows. Use the decorative pillows to connect the dots. Mix sizes, patterns, texture, and scale  – make sure that they relate to one another through color or style. Choose from hair on hide, woven leathers, furs, shell details, wovens, velvets, these will give your decor a feeling of luxury and authenticity. This is your room – you deserve to feel like a queen!


Nothing more beautiful than a white bed. Plus, I adore that bed. The Maxime, right? The tufting is perfect.


Thanks for the tutorial. I definitely needed a refresher. And that bed! Beautiful!

The art on that wall is so sweet. I need! I need!


I commented on the wrong post. I love the chandelier in the background! Do you sell that online? How much is it?


Erin, we don’t have an e-commerce site but you can always call into the store and order anything you see on our website or blog, and we can ship it! That chandelier is $4,125.

Marci Decker

I know this is a old post but what is the wall color? it is beautiful!


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