May 03
How-to: Restyle Your Mantle

With warm weather headed our way, now is the perfect time to clear out winter and welcome the sunshine!  I’m going to start by re-styling the mantel. Removing all art and accessories from the mantle and start with a clean slate.  Then, select your focal point. Try out different art pieces and mirrors. I went with a mirror because I wanted some sparkle.  Don’t be shy about your focal piece. Go big and bold. Hunt through your home, or in store for something grand!  Next, add a sculptural element: a statue, obelisk or bust.  I chose the whale vertebrae sculpture, because it’s the perfect companion to the porthole mirror.

Now you’re ready for a splash of fresh flora!  I used a glass vase to keep it airy and add more of that sparkle.  The stems will balance the sculpture without being too symmetrical.

Last but not least, I added ocean glass bottles for some color. Voila! You have a freshly styled mantel that will take you into fall.



love the green and the gray. and i like how you used a stack of books…going to that with my mantle…it was an aha! moment for me.


What a fantastic mirror! Can you tell me the diameter of it? What does it cost and do I have to order it? Thanks.


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