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How-To: Style a Tray Table

How-To: Style a Tray Table

Let me introduce you to the simple beauty of the versatile tray table. The tray table is no longer used just as the cocktail lover’s best friend – but as a resting place for your favorite food and beverages, your most special serving dishes, your prettiest cake plates, or even your mother’s linens.

In one of my most recent projects we had an empty, awkward corner in the kitchen. Rather than filling the corner with art or useless accessories, we decided to fill the space with a functional and stylish tray table.

We loaded the tray table with all of her favorite things from ice cream dishes to serving trays to cake domes. The portable tray makes it so simple to serve your party guests – it’s an effortless entertainer’s dream!

“Entertaining is not about making an impression”, says this internationally known event and party planner, Colin Cowie. “Instead, it’s about being welcoming and calm and making your guests feel comfortable. Your presentation can still be chic and stylish and elegant, even in the relaxed environment of your own kitchen.”

So what better piece than the versatile tray table to lift your style to a new level!

– Christy


  • October 20, 2011


    I want that serving tray table! I absolutely love how beautiful it is but also how functional it is. I am learning as I decorate with you that beauty and function can actually go hand in hand…the saying “function over beauty” does not apply at Alice Lane, which is a refreshing shift in my decorating. Thank you for your inspiration!

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