Aug 08
How-to: Style Your Coffee Table

Whether you are styling your coffee table in your formal living room or in your theater room, there are a few key ingredients that will always work!

1. Pile your favorite books high. Choose books that are meaningful to you as well as ones that look pretty. The larger the books, the better!

2. Display a few of your favorite items in a pretty glass box.  This will keep your favorite keepsakes safe and organized but displayed for all to see.

3. Keep things tidy with a tray. Everything looks neater on a tray. Add books, candles, or any other piece to the tray.

4. Don’t forget the flowers. Whether fresh or a really good faux (We have some really great options in-store now!), flowers or greenery always bring a coffee table to life.

[photos 1, 2, 3, and 4]




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