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Inspiration in Unusual Places – Florals

Inspiration in Unusual Places – Florals

With spring on it’s way, fresh flowers help brighten things up in these last few dreary days of winter. They can also inspire a facelift or remodel in our homes!

Pretty vibrant pinks inspire a bright color palette.

Love the calming shades of these succulents. Let it inspire a room or just one piece with different shades of pillows.

Muted shades of pink are very pretty and peaceful. Make a statement with your sofa or be more subtle and add the detail to your window treatments.

A bright orangey red… persimmon, flame, you name it. This is definitely a statement maker!

Neutrals – simple and elegant. This Thomas O’Brien room is a great example of how subtle is classic and beautiful.

Let your florals inspire your artwork. Keep bright colors contained in one place while letting the softer shades fill your walls and drapes.

Succulents bring so many beautiful colors, greens, blues, oranges. Let these inspire your room.

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  • March 7, 2012


    Wow great post! Gives me lots of ideas!

  • March 9, 2012


    Those are beautiful flower arrangements!

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