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Inspiration in Unusual Places – Summer Fashion

Inspiration in Unusual Places – Summer Fashion

Let your summer wardrobe inspire your interiors! Loving all of the summery colors from Lauren Moffatt’s collection. The colors remind me of ice cream in the park on a sunny afternoon.

Pink and yellow – mix and match the colors of your dining room chairs to give it some pizazz.

A colorful bold pastel skirt mixed with a crisp white shirt. Use accents of that bold pastel in your room for some pops of color but keep the base, the sofa, chairs, etc., neutral.

A white cotton dress for summer – a crisp white room to keep the look neat and tidy. I spy an Oly coffee table!



  • May 26, 2012

    Jodee Harris

    I bought the Lauren Moffatt dress for my trip to Amalfi and South of France this summer! Doesn’t it just look like it belongs with a big cone of gelato?

    You guys kill it with this blog. It’s by far the best design blog out there because of this kind of post along with your show n tell series of actual work with actual drawings. You’re just the NICEST group of TALENTED people. Love you girls!!

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