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Inspiration in Unusual Places – Summer Wardrobe

Inspiration in Unusual Places – Summer Wardrobe

Cool colors and playful patterns are where it’s at for summer.

Keep it light and airy with gray, white, and silver. A perfect outfit for an evening out and a sophisticated palette for your living room.


Pineapples are all the rage right now. Not only do they make a for a quirky print or accessory but they are the symbol of hospitality, a fitting piece for an entry.

What more to say than pink makes us feel pretty.

On a dress or in a bathroom, an oversized polka dot makes a bold and playful statement.

[all outfit photos from j.crew. photos 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5]


  • July 12, 2013


    This post is beautiful! I want to live in these homes and own the outfits to match!

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