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Inspiration in Unusual Places

Inspiration in Unusual Places

Flowing skirts and simple color schemes make up Anthrolopologie’s summer line and are perfect inspiration for our interiors.
Crisp whites and a touch of blush pink add a whole lot of femininity to this outfit and rooms. Linen bedding makes this room as soft as this outfit. The flowing drapes mimic lines of the pleated skirt.
A pleated skirt with an asymmetrical navy and white printed top gives this outfit a nautical edge. Asymmetry is used in the room above with a small and large plant on either side of the room. This dining room has that nautical feeling with the striped chair seats and the navy walls striped with white drapes. Both rooms are casual and classy.

The same soft pink skirt, paired with a bold red top adds drama to this romantic outfit. Adding punches of red to both of these rooms adds excitement and interest.

What fashion elements inspire your interiors?


  • June 1, 2011

    This is such a clever little inspiration board, great idea! Anthropologie always has a slightly new way of putting color and patterns together and you have taken it to a whole new level for me in bringing it to the home. I love it and I want those blush curtains! I also love the rooms with just a hint of red, great idea to use just a touch of a strong color to create such a great visual impact.

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