Mar 27
It's official! Spring is in the air!

Our fresh cut pussy willows just arrived – and things are feeling greener, fresher, brighter, lighter already!

We feel it from all who enter our doors! They’re ready for a fresh change! Some have gone for new linens on their beds, others have started with a fresh coat of white paint to their kitchen cabinets.

Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat

We have sent them home with a bouquet of our new knobs to try for a more inspired look in the hardest working room in the house. Who says it can’t be an enchanted place?

Wherever you are felling the blues – stop by for a little pick me up! Or we can haul over the whole home if you can’t stand it another day. Walking into a well designed space is like getting flowers everyday of your life. It will make you smile just entering the room. Spring is out there, open the shutters, lift the blinds… and let it in!






I am officially obsessed with the pillows here at Alice Lane. LOVE the size, shapes, and patterns, like the bird cage pattern. I didn’t know you had a blog- so excited that you do!


I LOVE colorful knobs!! They add alot to a plain dresser, like the one I re-painted. You guys are amazing!!


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