Apr 12
It's the Weekend! Time to Relax

This weekend we are going to relax! After a long week, what sounds better than being pampered with a bubble bath?

These are our favorite new bath products and isn’t the packaging to die for? I’m always a sucker for great packaging.

1. Candle – $37.50 // 2. Hand Soap – $33.75  // 3. Hand Lotion – $33.75  // 4. Wire Caddy – $23.75 // 5. Hand Cream – $29.75 // 6. Bubble Bath – $35 // 7. Bath Salts – $12.50

What are your plans this weekend?


I agree! Nothing is better than a bubble bath! I plan on taking advantage of this sun this weekend! Hopefully it’s here to stay–fingers crossed.


I wish my weekend looked like this! It owuld have been the perfect weekend to relax and take a long bath.


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