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Jen's Pick – Stoneham Dining Table

Jen's Pick – Stoneham Dining Table

I am a sucker for a round dining table. Most dining rooms are perfectly laid out for a rectangular table, but when your space allows it, I think it is so fun to throw in a round one. Not only are they great for conversing, but kitchens are usually full of hard lines so it is a great way to soften up the space.

Stoneham tableStoneham Table (W:55″ D:55″ H:30.5″) – $1,663

This table at our Wonderland store in particular stole my heart. As much as I love round ones, it has been really difficult for me to find one that wasn’t too formal or too industrial for my kitchen. This table would look great in a variety of kitchen styles because of the mix between the concrete resin top and the wood bottom. It is fabulous! Come in to Wonderland to see it in person!


  • July 28, 2015

    A simple yet elegant table here. With the right decor, you could use this table for formal or informal occasions. Thanks for sharing!

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