Sep 17
Lovely Thoughts…

We love our jobs here at Alice Lane. We get invited to your homes, and we get to interpret your dreams of making your home your favorite place on earth. People often fantasize about going on vacation and staying in a great hotel, with all the best amenities! I think your own home… particularly your bedroom should be as luxurious as a Hotel Suite! I recently furnished my own bedroom from top to bottom and I love it! I love waking up in it and love being utterly exhausted and getting to step foot in my room and ahh… crawl in between my linen sheets, and forget about it! My husband invited me up to a business retreat about an hour away, to spend the night tonight. I said, “I’d rather sleep at home – in our bed, in our room, wouldn’t you?” He agreed! He’ll be home tomorrow night!

photo by Ashlee Raubach






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