Oct 09
Lovely Thoughts…

“I began realizing there is something to comfort and ease, to having a room where you can put a book and a drink down and it all blends into the landscape of the room. I started moving backward in time. Now my taste runs every which way. But what I really love is an extremely comfortable room, the kind you can spend hours and hours in. The English do that so well, especially in their country houses. You can create a happy mess in a room, and it just makes it feel more comfortable.”

-Daniel Sachs
House Beautiful, October 2010




Oh how this speaks to my soul! A happy mess is what life us all about! Why not embrace it our homes!?!


I just love the mix of patterns, styles and colors! A happy mess just makes things more beautiful!


These images are perfectly lovely! I received this issue of House Beautiful and cannot stop looking at it! It is just so inspiring! Thanks for sharing these photos and quote!


Honestly, I wish I had found something like what you are doing when I was in Interior Design school, I dropped out because I didn’t feel any deep connection to it. I love all of the quotations you have and how much care you take in unraveling the outer beauty that we all search to reflect the beauty in ourselves. This is the way home decor should be thought of. Thank you


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