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Watch This: Make Your Bed Beautiful

Watch This: Make Your Bed Beautiful

Don’t just make your bed, make it beautiful. Alice Lane’s Owner and Design Principal Jessica Bennett shares some of her best tips on how to make your bed beautiful, but also comfortably functional.

This is more than just a bed making tutorial, it’s a lesson on how to get the most out of your bed’s pillows and layers and snuggle into luxurious comfort at the end of every day.

Do you really need all those pillows? We say yes.


Ivy Lane Bed in Slate  | Verne Stripe Duvet  | Quinn Duvet  | French Linen Sheets

Louisa Euro Sham | Kantha Quilt & Shams  | Flatweave Camel Pillow  | Helena Pillow

Baby Alpaca Throw | Malibu Bedside Table  | Walsh Floor Mirror | Mansfield Hide Bench

Video by Haleigh Christensen

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