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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

A question I get all the time is “What is your favorite style?”  That’s a tough question for this indecisive designer with few absolute favorites.  Do I love this or that?  Modern or traditional?  What would I put in my own house?  To be honest I’d be my own worst client!  It is a blessing and a curse to have access to so many lovely things because there are loads of styles I’d love to live in day to day.  But if I were to pick anything, no holds bar, no one to compromise with or answer to I would live in a mid-century modern home.  I’d build it with a butterfly roof and fill it with natural woods, bright colors, teak furniture with low clean lines and built ins everywhere.  Thinking back to my Grandma Wanda’s home I can see it was her furniture that was my first exposure to the mid-century style and so I associate it with family and love and comfort.  It is what makes me feel at home.

Butterfly roof


We’ve all seen some of the classic mid-century furniture pieces, you might even have some in your home now.  Below are some of my favorite chairs that speak to this classic style and are still current today.  If you feel the need for a little mid-century face lift a chair is a great place to start and these classic look alikes are at your fingertips through Alice Lane Home Collection.


From left to right: 1. Amish Chair – $247.50 // 2. Pyramid Chair – $125 // 3. Noland Chair – Regular Price – $1,187.50 (Part of The Very Best Sale) Sale Price – $950 // 4. Marshall Chair – Starts at $1,675 // 5. Casper Chair – $175 // 6. Metal Mesh Chair – $175 // 7. Hugo Chair – Starts at $1,675

So my question for you is: “What is YOUR favorite style?”  Really think about it.  What do you love?  Make a list of furniture, art, accessories, memories, clothes and architecture you love – it doesn’t matter if they “match.”   Stand back and take a look.  These things are what you should start living with regardless of a current trend or what a friend has.  This is you!  Go for it and love it every day.

Happy mid-century designing!


[photo 1 and 2]


  • October 11, 2013

    What material was used on the blue chairs on cover of Country French magazine?

  • October 11, 2013


    Great post! I love mid-century modern too- so sleek and sophisticated.

  • October 11, 2013


    Love your example chairs, especially #1. So fun to see a different style featured!

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