Mar 01
NieNie- Phase II: Cabinetry Install

With the old cabinets removed in Stephanie’s basement, it was time to bring in the fresh, new and improved cabinets with the rich walnut countertop! Mark Magleby, the real-estate guy, and Chad Magleby, the president of Magleby Construction, did a great job at taking these cabinets out but you have to see the amazing job they did at building the cabinets and installing them!

You can already see the transformation that these cabinets are going to have on this room. Here are the guys hard at work.

And the magic begins… Didn’t the Magleby’s do an amazing job?

So what’s next you ask? Well, there’s paint, wallpaper, curtains, furniture and accessories… Check back tomorrow to see the pieces that will make up this room!


Looks like a lot of hard work. As they say, “No pain no gain”.

I’m sure it’ll be all worth it.


Look at all that storage! Something we all need more of-especially in a play room! Cheers to Maglebys!


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