Mar 02
NieNie – Phase II: The Design Process

Now that the demo is done and the new built-in’s are in place, our story is starting to thicken! This once unused kitchen in  NieNie’s basement now needs to become a place for Claire, Jane, Christopher and Ollie to discover, learn and play!

We’d like to introduce you to our leading role! He is a tree trunk of a table called Rocco, and he is accompanied by a pretty bird chandelier! The backdrop is that of a stylized leaves, also known as wallpaper, and the front row seats are sunlit amber ghost chairs! Can you see it?!? I can… and it’s breathtaking!

And here it is! This is what we are hoping for with the final product! Stay tuned to see the final photos!


The playroom transformation looks so great! I love seeing the drawing stage and the implementation stages as they progress–suddenly I’d like to redo a lot around my own home!

Pillow is too cute!


Oh my! I’m an interior design student at BYU-Idaho and as soon as i saw those renderings on NieNie’s blog i fell in love. Seriously…so perfect. That pillow is legit! I can now say Alice Lane designs honestly inspire me.


The transformation is BEAUTIFUL & the pillow is soooooo adorable…it would look perfect in my little beach bungalow! :)

amanda jane

I have dreams of a very graphic collection of pillows. that goldfish would make a dream come true! Nie is so lucky to have your expertise!


Looks just like a fish I once had…. Loved watching the progress of the Nielsen’s new room!! Beautiful job.


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