Mar 03
NieNie – Phase II: The Install

Everything was coming together nicely for NieNie’s Basement Craft/Play Room. The cabinets turned out amazing thanks to Chad and Mark Magleby and now it was time to install the rest…

After the cabinets were installed there was a bit of prep work that had to be done. Because this was an older home there were pipes that had to be covered, existing light fixture holes to be plugged all with a fresh coat of paint before all of the lovlies like wallpaper, window treatments and furniture were installed. Tom and Gary worked hard on painting and patching to get everything ready.

Once all of the prep work was done, the beautiful green and white graphic wallpaper was installed. See the awkward bump out in the wall next to the door? We needed something to cover that up… Time to put on our creative caps!

Meanwhile, the window treatments were installed. This charming little Thomas Paul fabric was turned into whimsical Roman shades that dress the window.

Solution to problem “bump out” – We needed something extraordinary so the kids knew they were in a special place… perhaps something older than they are? Something that could tell stories and grow out of the wall as if they’d been there from the beginning of time! Antique columns! We will split one of our favorites from the store and flank the doorway with these wise and trusted pieces of history!

Now that all of the built-in pieces, wallpaper and windows were installed it was time to bring in the main players. The table and the chairs! This beautiful Oly Studio Rocco table and these fun translucent amber chairs will provide the perfect place for the kids to do their homework or the many art projects with their crafty mom.

The finishing touches! You all must know that everything Stephanie loves is felt in this space. It’s an indescribable feeling when you are organizing bins of paper dolls that Steph played with when she was a little girl. Or seeing her children reach for a Golden Book and read to each other. She even has this set of wooden stilts I saw Ollie walking with the other day. When I hung them from a hook in the play room, it was so much more of an emotional experience knowing how much they use and appreciate these simple joys! (I had to try them out – they’re so cool!) This room is perfections. Period.

Although we weren’t quite finished, we wanted to bring Stephanie and the girls down to see what they thought! Squeals, gasps and excitement filled the air as they pranced through their indoor tree house!

Check back to see tomorrow to see the finished room with everything in it’s place and all of the toys and art supplies tucked away!

Don’t forget about the book signing for Nicole Hill’s, Nicole’s Classes, books tomorrow at our store!

Heather Prince

I have really enjoyed watching this process–one thing I’d love to know, if you could share, is where the wallpaper came from?


The wallpaper is by a company called Thibaut and we can order that in for you. If you have any other questions or would like to order, give us a call!


It’s called the Bird Chandelier – by Oly Studio. You can order it through us!


I love all of the wonderful patterns and yummy color choices. I wouldn’t think to put them all together but it is amazing how the contrasts make everything work. Outstanding job!


My favorite is the looks on her girls faces as they are going into the new room. How fun! Can’t wait to see tomorrows post.


It looks really amazing, I love seeing all of the details you put into come together. Also so fun to see Tom & Suz working on the project together!


Will we get to see pictures of the entire space? I absolutely LOVE the window treatments. I might have to copy those!


I really love how it all came together! Those antique columns are so unexpected and fun! The roman shade is such a nice touch, I like how it contrasts with the wallpaper but works together. I’m in love with that white table, I might have to start stashing the cash for that one!


Oh those columns and that amazing table with totally fun chairs, love the whole space!!!


Loved looking at the final product. And loved the chairs. Where could I get them? Thanks!


Very fun, light bright projet!! Congratualations!

Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

Art by Karena

haven elise

the room is darling and perfect. i especially love the amber chairs. where can I find those chairs?!


I LOVE the wallpaper!! Whats it called and where can i find a roll?? Thanks! Amber


Can you please tell me where I can find this wallpaper? I have been looking for something like this FOREVER!


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