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This past weekend, over the 24th of July, made for a great 3 days of installation for the NieNie project. The Nielsen’s had to leave town, which made it even more fun to transform their basement Family Room while they were out! We are still so overwhelmed by all the help we had from each of our expert subs! They generously donated their time and talents during their holiday. We are so grateful for their skill-set and attention to the details. Everything turned out exactly perfect! (Can’t wait for Stephanie’s response!!)

The piles of books removed from their shelving, waiting for their new home to be installed… and then each will be carefully placed one by one on the new built-ins.

First, we had to take down the wall brackets used for her old shelving to make way for the new built-ins. Next, take down the plasma T.V., rewire and move to another all so we can patch and paint all the holes. Clean-up the messes we made. Suzanne’s sweet Momma York came over and shampooed Stephanie’s rugs. Magleby’s then installed her beautiful built-ins which are now housing her precious books and game boards.

The wall where the brackets and shelving once were. Make room for Magleby’s…

The darling little retro-glam semi-flush mount chandelier. She’s a beaut!

Jonathan Law and Josh Torgerson, his assistant, relocated the plasma T.V. to this smaller wall, installed the surround sound, hung the chandelier and did some other high-tech cable hiding stuff so Steph won’t have to look at black cables connecting all of her devices. Thanks Jonathan! You’re super smart! For help on your next project you can reach Jonathan at (801) 529-7814.

Mark Magleby installing the wall of beautiful custom shelving.

Thanks Mark! They are perfect! Stephanie is going to squeal! (Mark took 85+ hours out of his busy week as a realtor, and put on his cabinetmaking hat to build and install these beautiful cabinets for Stephanie and her family.)

Then the custom furniture comes in! Just like the characters in a great film, each piece took the stage. The sectional with the red striped welting! The darling Belle chair! The smart articulating lamp! Afterward our dear friend Geeta hung the roman shades which married everything together perfectly! Meikel Reece then photographed the finished product and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Whew, what a great weekend! Big round of applause goes to our installation crew: Tom Hall, Gary Brown, Geeta on curtains, Mark Magleby, AV Extraordinaire Jonathan Law, Momma York, Photographer Meikel Reece, Suzanne Hall, and the rest of the Alice Lane employees who helped manage this project!

And now for the finished product…

The details always tell the story…

Thanks to the Nielson family who let us invade their darling home. I loved the time I’ve been able to spend with Stephanie. There is a special feeling in their home I wish the whole world could experience and we are grateful for the chance to try and make her life a wee bit more comfortable.








So fun, and so representative of Stephanie it would appear. This is what I love about each of your designs; there is no “one” style, but each is beautifully detailed. I’ve been following your blog since you created it, and before that, your website since Stephmodo linked to it last winter. I’ve been dreaming that one day I could afford to have you fly to AZ to help me with my home. (I have a feeling if you weren’t out of my price range before, after all this publicity, you certainly will be!) You are tremendously talented, and I’m impressed with the courage you demonstrated to follow your dream and start this beautiful business. Best of luck to you!


I love love love the room, what at beautiful composition of colors! I especially love the small roman shades you did, i would love to get the info for the seamstress who did them. If you can help at all that would be great. Thanks so much!

Kirsten Krason

Wow guys! It looks amazing. I am so excited to finally see this project become a reality. I can’t imagine how proud you must feel to be a part of something so wonderful. Great job!!!!


The details in this room are perfection! It captures Stephanie, her style and personality to a T!


Wow. I’m so glad that you shared this. Love the room, love the feel, love Stephanie and her blog, I love it all. Thanks so much!


I really love all the details in here! I am thrilled for them, but really, I am thrilled to see a space done that is not in a huge expensive home. A common smaller home with low ceilings, small windows and odd layout made fabulous. While I do love seeing the big beautiful jobs done out there, I would love to see more for the little guy too.


I love this room! I love the clean lines of this couch. Would you mind sharing the name of the line? Thanks so much! Again…amazing job!


I adore what you designed Jess! Great work your team did! I have read NieNie’s blog over the past couple of years – I love that you were able to share your talents with such a special family. We are finishing our basement with the addition of our precious new gift, Sadie. Loads of fabulous ideas here. SC would like to have an Alice Lane! May you continue to bring Joy through your ‘before & afters’! Smiles from SC, Heidi


That sofa is from a line that we carry through our store. They have a number of fabrics that you can choose as well!


I’d love to know the source of the rug under the white dining table. This basement is in my bookmarks. You did a fabulous job of making it light and cheerful. Well done!


Your old and new home are darling! I have been trying to find your adorable rug for some time (the red polka dot one). Please oh please let me know where I can purchase it!


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