Apr 21
Once Upon a Time… Jack Harlie's Nursery

I’ve always loved children’s literature! Perhaps it’s the simple vocabulary that most often rhymes, but mostly because of the pictures! It charms and enlightens immediately! Have you ever read a Dr. Seuss book that starts out dull before the plot thickens?!? Neither have I. Books written for children have to make an impact at the beginning or the kid will move on to something else fairly quickly. And for this reason, we used books and fantasy as our springboard for a nursery. A nursery for a boy named Jack. Jack Harlie to be exact.

Origami cranes out of pages form old novels make a charming mobile.

An ibex, monograms, and majestic horse drawings… what a sophisticated babe!

Take a look at the snake fabric that was made into the Roman shades… looks like something that came straight from a childhood storybook.

[photos by Meikel Reece]


What a darling nursery! I love the soothing colors. Does my little eye spy a David Hicks pattern?


I love the dog and the origami birds. So charming. What boy wouldn’t want a dog and birds to look at?


I’m really impressed how you made over the crib. I would have been tempted to have thrown it away and buy a new one thinking that it simply could not work. But you made it look amazing. I love it all. I for sure am saving this in my inspiration book.

Barb H.

I’ve been looking for nursery inspiration for baby boy #3 and this is so unique and charming! You always out-do yourselves, ladies!


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