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Pin of the Week: The Show Stopper Sofa

Pin of the Week: The Show Stopper Sofa

If you’ve looked at our Instagram account recently, you’ve seen this yummy emerald green velvet sofa. Isn’t it a show stopper?

Emerald Green Velvet Sofa in the Historic Ivy Flat | Designed by Alice Lane

But look at all the other amazing details of this room! We are in love with the rug, the carved wooden arm chairs, the ornate moldings and variety of pillows—each in place to give the space an endless supply of fun textures.

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  • January 24, 2017


    For the Jan 23: PIN OF THE WEEK: THE SHOW STOPPER SOFA, the green sofa is beautiful. Where also did you get the rug and the cute wood chairs?

    • January 30, 2017

      Alice Lane Home Collection

      Everything in that space is from our store. Please call us to inquire about specific pieces, our stylists can help you order!

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