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Places For Chatting

Places For Chatting

“A comfortable chair is the most hospitable piece of furniture one can own” – Charlotte Moss

Whether creating a relaxing seating area in a master bedroom, a lively keeping room off the kitchen, or an office setting, a comfortable place to sit is so important! When arranging a furniture grouping, the way you place your sofas, chairs, and tables has a direct effect on the way the room is used and enjoyed.


When choosing a layout for a bedroom, keep it inviting and comfortable. You want a space that you can relax in and cozy up with your favorite people. In the above bedroom floor plan there is a settee, which is the perfect place to sit with a laptop, have morning tea, or even a landing spot for your duvet to rest when it’s too warm at night. Flanking this with a cozy chair and reading lamp creates a perfect end to the day.

Keeping Area


Keeping area grouping

When putting together a keeping room or sun room, it’s always great to introduce several different chairs with a main sofa. This eclectic mix allows guests to feel welcome and comfortable; able to pull up a chair and chat without the formality of perfectly matched pieces.

Whichever grouping you choose to incorporate into your space, always pick something comfortable that you love!

Favorite Chair

This is one of my favorite chairs. I love the details of the tufting, and once paired with the ottoman it’s a chair you will never want to leave. We have it in store now, and it’s part of our sale!

Regular Price: Chair – $2,127.50 | Ottoman – $840
Sale Price: Chair – $1,702 | Ottoman – $672


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