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    Bone inlay is more than just a centuries-old technique; it is an art form that takes considerable skill and significant time. Crafting these exclusive pieces takes several weeks, but the end result is most certainly worth it. Ethically sourced animal bone is carefully selected and hand-shaped by experienced craftsmen who cut, grind and sand each piece to fit a specific design. The bone is then laminated to the piece carefully following a transposed template. Next, colored resin is troweled over the entire surface. After curing, the resin and bone are sanded smooth then buff polished for the final touch. This process and the natural materials give each piece a distinctive personality.

    Four drawers.

    finish: gray, ivory
    materials: bone, wood, resin

    To protect the finish, wipe with a soft, slightly damp cloth. It’s important to avoid the use of chemicals and household cleaners since they are too harsh and have the potential to damage the delicate surfaces used for these pieces.

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    Dimensions 20 x 46 x 34 in