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The Giant Comet Moth is perhaps the most incomparable of all Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies). Its combination of extraordinarily long hind wing tails, bright colors and tremendous size is unparalleled in the insect world. This is a very delicate species and the long tails of the males often break off after just a few flights in the wild. Adult Comet Moths emerge from their cocoons with no ability to feed, lacking the necessary proboscis most Lepidoptera employ. Consequently, their short adult life seems to be exclusively for breeding. For this reason, the males are equipped with antennae that are so sensitive they can detect mere molecules of female pheromones miles away.

Dimensions: 16" W | 20" H
Frame: Black with White Mat
This is made from a natural material, and as such there may be variations in color.

Expect 6-8 weeks for shipping.

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